28 July 2015
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23 July 2015
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23 July 2015
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Scan For Life® introduces the most advanced medical Scanning technology currently available worldwide to screen you for the earliest stages of Heart Disease, Cancers and Stroke - long before symptoms are present, when effective management is possible.

The 3D Scans are safe, quick and non-invasive, performed on the highly advanced latest generation 160 slice CT and latest high-field MRI Scanners.

Preventative Scanning is widely practiced abroad and now the technology and expertise are available at Scan for Life®, the first and original Preventative Scanning Medical Centre in South Africa, providing a state of the art serious disease screening solution.

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Office Hours:
08H00 - 17H00

Physical Address:
The Rosebank Hospital - Ground Floor
14 Sturdee Avenue, Rosebank
Johannesburg, South Africa

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PO Box 61, Parklands, 2121, South Africa

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