If there is one thing that medical research has consistently shown, it is that the early detection of disease processes leads to more effective management and increased survival rates. Early diagnosis is the most critical strategy for avoiding a Heart attack, Stroke or advanced Cancer diagnosis.

Preventative Medicine, as appose to conventional Diagnostic Medicine, focuses on identifying health risks early and screening for the earliest stages of diseases in non-symptomatic individuals – so timely, effective management may be applied.

Preventative Imaging utilises the latest generation Multi-detector CT and MRI Scanners in order to rapidly and non-invasively image the body for the earliest signs of Heart disease, Cancers and Stroke – well in advance of noticeable symptoms. For the first time in Medicine this non-invasive and highly accurate imaging technology exists to screen for these disease processes and provide early health. Preventative Imaging also provides peace of mind as well as facilitating greater control over risk reduction / treatment strategies which have been implemented.

Scan For Life® is the first and original Preventative Scanning Medical Centre in South Africa, providing a state of the art serious disease screening solution, since 2003.

Scan For Life® performs Targeted Scans on various vital structures depending on your particular medical risk factors, and screens responsibly and appropriately, complying with international best medical practice.

Scan For Life® does not recommend the Whole / Total Body Scan, as performed at other centres.

The Scan For Life® Specialist Doctors are members of and fully accredited with the Radiological Society of South Africa (RSSA), and with the Board of Health Funders (BHF).

Scan For Life®

Could save your life, prevention is better than cure!