Early detection of serious disease is critical for effective prevention, treatment and cure.

Scan For Life® introduces the most advanced medical Scanning technologies currently available worldwide to screen you for the earliest stages of Heart Disease, Cancers and Stroke – long before symptoms are present, when effective management is possible.

The 3D Scans are safe, quick and non-invasive, performed on the highly advanced latest generation 160 slice CT and high-field MRI Scanners.

Preventative Scanning is widely practiced abroad and now the technology and expertise are available at Scan for Life®, the first and original Preventative Scanning Medical Centre in South Africa, providing a state of the art serious disease screening solution.

Scan For Life® introduced these Scans to South Africa in 2003. Our Doctors are the Medical Specialists, Dr Mitch Kaplan and Dr Louis Sulman, who have trained extensively abroad at leading Medical Institutions internationally. They are fully accredited to perform the Scans and are members of the Radiological Society of South Africa (RSSA) and the Board of Health Funders (BHF). Scan For Life® performs Targeted Scans on various vital organs depending on your particular medical risk factors.

Scan For Life® screens responsibly and appropriately, complying with international best medical protocols.

Scan For Life® does not perform the unproven Whole / Total Body Scan, as performed at other centres.

If you are proactive and serious about your health, and have a family history or other risk factors, call one of our consultants directly or visit us at the Rosebank Hospital in Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa. Scan For Life® packages flexible Screening Scans to comply with corporate and executive Health guidelines.

Scan For Life®

Could save your life,prevention is better than cure!