The Scan For Life® Technology

The latest generation, State of the Art CT and MRI Scanners:

CT (Computed Tomographic) Scanner is a medical imaging device that combines the use of X-rays with computer reconstruction to produce images of the body’s insides. Unlike conventional X-Rays, a CT Scan produces extremely detailed images of the body’s internal structures.The latest generation of Scanners are called Multi-detector or Multi-slice CT Scanners which use multiple detector rows (slices) to very rapidly scan the body in extremely high resolution. Scan For Life® has the latest generation, 160 slice Multi-detector CT Scanner. Scan For Life® practices low-dose and ultra-low-dose CT Scanning techniques and protocols in order to limit X-ray dose exposure as much as possible.

An MRI (Magnetic resonance Imaging) Scanner provides highly accurate, zero-dose body imaging, utilising a powerful and harmless magnetic field. This is the modality of choice for brain and spinal tissue imaging. Scan For Life® has the advanced high Field MRI Scanner.

A powerful Computer Workstation then reconstructs a 3 dimensional volume  in a fully digital format, which can be sliced in any plane, resulting in finely detailed colour representations of the body structures and blood vessels.

These Scanners are the modality of choice for safe body imaging, non-invasive angiography of the heart, brain, neck and other organs; and Virtual Colonoscopy.

Scan For Life®

Could save your life, prevention is better than cure!