The Scan For Life™ Brand

Scan For Life™ is the first and original preventive Body Scanning Medical Centre in South Africa.

Scan For Life™ originally launched  the scanning technology and Preventative Scans in South Africa in 2003.

Scan For Life™ has since developed an ethical and credible brand of excellence having performed thousands of successful scans.

Scan For Life’s ™  Doctors are the highly trained and experienced Medical Specialists, having trained in Preventative Scanning at leading Medical Institiutions internationally.

Scan For Life™ is now recognised as an International Training Site for Cardiac Imaging and Virtual Colonoscopies.

Scan for Life™ is the Scan provider of choice for many corporates including the Discovery Vitality WellPoint Scan provider.

The only Scan For Life™ Centre is situated at the Rosebank Hospital in Johannesburg.

Other practices may not pass themselves off as Scan For Life™ or its intellectual property.

Scan For Life™ will not be held responsible for any mis-diagnosis or malpractice by other practices passing off as Scan For Life™.